Maya Goedert

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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing alumnus Maya Goedert. Maya was Lead Content Production at the 3DEXCITE Brussels office. 3DEXCITE provides CGI solutions for both print / film and real-time applications. From consulting to workflow to final visualization assets, 3DEXCITE transforms engineering data into powerful visual experiences which they call "engineered excitement".


Maya was responisble for seamlessly integrateing the CGI assets, mainly automotive,  into real backgrounds. This results in amazing looking visualizations that appear in brochures and as advertisments in magazines. She also makes videos of those visualizations for online branding.


So when you are looking at those cool car advertisments in your favorite magazine, those cars are not real! It is all CGI! And probably made by Maya and her team.


Maya later move to PreviewLabs a company that is specialized in making game prototypes where she works as a project manager.