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Which secondary education will prepare me best for the bachelor programme in DAE?

There is no perfect secondary school programme that can prepare you for DAE. However, having had enough mathematics, or certain other courses for specific study majors (basic programming for game development of independent game production; art and drawing basics for the art majors) can make it easier to adapt to some of the first year course material.


What are the admission requirements for DAE?

The prospective student needs to have acquired a Flemish secondary school or HBO5 diploma.

If these requirements are not met, it is still possible to enrol if the applicant has met the following conditions:

-        You have acquired a certificate of general education and a certificate of professional education.

-        In case you are 21 years or older, you may apply for an alternative admission procedure.

For international students and students with other diplomas, please refer the following link:



Is it possible to combine the DAE bachelor programme with a job?

Although the general consensus leans towards “no”, it is not entirely impossible, provided that you opt for an individualized track (4 year programme or longer) and a part-time job. The final-year modules “group projects” and “internship” are not compatible with an office hour job due to your mandatory attendance at the school or the internship company.


Do I need to have a certain drawing aptitude in order to be able to succeed in one of the art-focused majors?

No previous knowledge is required; the courses start at a basic level. However, they will pick up in speed and complexity very quickly, so it is advisable to have at least basic drawing skills before choosing these majors.


What does the tuition fee amount to?

Please refer to the following link: http://www.digitalartsandentertainment.be/page/81/Tuition+fee


Am I eligible for a scholarship or grant?

In order to determine if you are eligible for a scholarship you can refer to the following website:

Alternatively you can contact a STUVO staff member, who can help with the application process or in some cases offer an alternate solution. Link: http://app.howest.be/stuvo/Contact/

Unfortunately the school itself does not offer grants.


When are the exams?

There are 3 exam periods during the course of the academic year:

-        In January for your first semester courses.

-        In June for your second semester courses.

-        In August for any first- or second semester retakes.


Does the campus feature a student dormitory?

Howest currently does not provide student accommodation. However, there are numerous options in the direct vicinity of the campus. You can look up student accommodation in Kortrijk here:



Which software packages are used during the course of the programme?

Depending on your major choice you will learn to operate industry mainstream 3D- and or programming software. To get a complete rundown of the software we currently employ, check out each course individually:



What are the hardware requirements?

Most classes will require a mid to mid-high tier gaming laptop or workstation. The current requirements are as follows:

-        CPU: 7th or 8th gen Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent

-        GPU: GTX 1050ti or higher

-        MEMORY: 16GB of DDR4 RAM

-        STORAGE: 1TB (SSD boot drive recommended)

-        DISPLAY: 15” FHD (1080p)

A laptop with similar specs will cost you around €1000-1500. Through a partner agreement, it is possible to buy a suitable laptop at a competitive price, including a 3 year warranty- and service contract.


A small piece of advice: don’t buy your laptop a year in advance: prices will inevitably drop and/or next gen tech may be introduced. But don’t wait until the last moment to order your device either. Make sure you’re fully equipped before the start of the academic year.

For courses that require a drawing tablet we recommend the Wacom Intuos Pro. Anything smaller than a medium-sized tablet will quickly become awkward to use.


Which computer language is taught in DAE?

That depends on which major you choose.

-        Students in the Game development track will mainly focus on C++.

-        Independent Game Development students will learn to code in C#.

-        Game Graphics Production and 3D & Visual Effects students learn to script in Processing (JAVA), Python and other relevant scripting languages.


Can I enrol for the English or Dutch programme?

Students with a Flemish TSO, ASO or KSO secondary school diploma can choose to enrol in the Dutch as well as the English programme. Students with a Flemish BSO diploma or with a secondary school diploma from one of the other Belgian communities, need to provide proof of minimum CEFR level B2 in English if they want to opt for the English programme.

Those students and students with international diplomas, can find a list of recognized language certificates in section five on this web page:



Can I enrol after the start of the academic year?

Although it is technically possible to enrol at any time during the academic year, we strongly advise students to enrol no later than 3 weeks after the academic year has begun. Due to the pace at which new course content is processed, it will be nearly impossible to catch up with the materials and deadlines, while keeping up with the ongoing classes.

Starting at- or during the course in the second semester is also not recommended, as most of the courses of the second semester build upon the content of the first semester modules.

I already had some form of higher education covering similar topics, can I apply for exemptions?

If your previous higher education’s subject matter sufficiently overlaps with the content of one or more DAE modules, you can consider applying for an exemption. You can apply up to 15 days after the start of the academic year or enrolment date (if you missed the start).

To apply, please send an email to trajectbegeleidingdae@howest.be and state which module you wish to be exempt from. Be sure to provide a course overview of the relevant modules from your previous education as well as a grade sheet or certificate.

A DAE study track counselor will process your application and will pass on his or her decision to you soon after. Should you apply for an exemption after the start of the academic year it would be wise to keep attending all classes until an approval for exemption has been obtained.


Can I pursue a master’s degree at DAE?

Sadly no. There is currently no DAE master programme.


Can I visit the school to better help me decide which study programme to choose?

We are happy to meet you during one of our info days. Each major showcases its programme and our staff will also assist you with any questions you may have.

An overview of the dates can be found on the link below.



Is there an age cap for students to enrol?

No. You are only limited by your dedication to the programme and your willingness to invest the required time.


I don’t need a diploma, I’m just interested in taking some of the courses. Is that possible?

Yes. Well… kind of. Students may engage in a credit-contract. However, due to each individual course module’s intake requirements, you may not be able to pick some of the courses if you have not yet taken the prerequisite course(s).


Is class attendance mandatory?

No, but you will quickly come to realize it is nearly impossible to stay on track and process the subject matter autonomously if you periodically miss class.