Campus The Level

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As from September 2013, DAE moved to a brand new building, called The Level, exclusively built for the study program! The building is undoubtly a new beacon of Howest in Kortrijk and clearly reflects the ambition of the program and its' students. When entering The Level, the link to the decor of a first-person shooter game is easily made. The raw materials,the level differences,the overview on the space,the mystical light through the atrium...contribute to the creation of this atmosphere. Moreover, the imposing staircase is a subtle link to Hogwarts...

The Level is a multifiunctional building, that embodies the ambition of Howest to be the knowledge hub for interactive and pre-rendered 3D in the region.

Besides education - you can't walk by the more then 600 DAE students who are occupying the grounds - there is also a knowledge and competence centre and at the heart of the building and an entire floor is reserved for an incubator; a place to encourage and foster start-ups or welcome established studios.

The entire building is open-plan, so that education can benefit from the industry and vice versa.