Flanders Game Hub

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Flanders game hub is a brand new incubator and accelerator program within flanders’ game industry. Founded by hangar k, flega, howest-dae, dae studios, department of culture, youth and media, vaf, vlaio, fit and with the support of various actors in the flemish video game environment, flanders game hub forms the driving force behind a strong game and entertainment xr industry in flanders. 

The co-creation hub hangar k will be the base of operations from which game developers, companies, experts, investors and partners cooperate and exchange ideas with the aim to launch and grow more videogame companies in flanders. Remote support will be provided if companies prefer to work from their own home base.Together, we boost the gamesphere and empower the future of games. 



 The game industry is constantly evolving. Flanders has a talented game industry, or how we like to call it “gamesphere”. Flanders game hub acts as a launch pad for talented game companies, empowers their growth and will boost the entire game community in flanders.  

Igniting start-ups, boosting game studios so they grow out to be successful companies, creating a strong and united community will let game studios skyrocket beyond the universe’s atmosphere. 

Together with experts, investors, partners and other companies bringing in important insights, tons of experience and valuable networks to rely on, we will guide your game company on your mission to the interstellar. 





Flanders game hub aims to house both starting and experienced companies. the word ‘ignite’ refers to the spark that each company can use to grow and innovate. 




We unite the flemish game companies and the game industry overall. a strong and solid community contributes greatly to achieving your business goals. 




Our goal is to help flemish game businesses grow, which leads to an expanding flemish game industry leaving a mark on international grounds. 


Triggered to be part of this? https://www.flandersgamehub.be/en/