Sound 2

Advanced Sound Synthesis and Sound Design for Video Games

In Short:
Sound 2 builds upon the foundation established in Sound 1, transitioning students from basic DAW proficiency to advanced sound design techniques tailored specifically for video game development. This 12-week course focuses on honing students' skills in crafting immersive Sound experiences for interactive media, with a particular emphasis on common video game assets.
Course Content and learning material:
In Sound 2, students delve into the intricacies of sound design for video games, mastering the use of MIDI, virtual synthesizers and advanced sound synthesis techniques in Reaper. Through hands-on projects and guided instruction, students learn to design a variety of essential game assets, including UI SFX, cinematic SFX, realistic and sci-fi weapons, vehicles, and more.

Evaluation and assignments:
The course centers around practical application, with two assignments throughout the semester and a final exam project focusing on sound redesign for linear game scenes.

Learning goals and outcomes:
By the end of the course, students will have developed expertise in crafting AAA-quality Sound assets essential for enhancing gameplay immersion. Specific learning objectives include:

  1. Mastery of virtual synthesizers and advanced sound synthesis techniques.
  2. Proficiency in designing diverse game assets such as UI sound effects, cinematic Sound, and various weapons and vehicles.
  3. Understanding of sound redesign principles and techniques for linear game scenes.
  4. Ability to utilize Reaper, VST Synths, and a variety of plugins and sound libraries effectively in the context of video game sound design.

Students will use industry-standard software including Cockos Reaper, supplemented by various VST synthesizers, plugins and sound libraries to enhance their creative capabilities. In terms of hardware, a simple Sound interface and pair of over-ear headphones are used. The former is provided by the school. A MIDI keyboard is recommended but not required.

This course is taught by our resident sound magician Roel De Meulemeester