Career Skills

In the course Career Skills, students will have the opportunity to learn and develop “soft skills” and professional attitudes that are proven extremely beneficial within the digital entertainment industry, particularly within a collaborative domain. This course has students’ professional development at its forefront, focusing on skills that will be invaluable in both an academic and professional context.



Each student will be provided with a strong basis (including theory and peer practice) in terms of the following inevitably important themes: 


  • The importance of “soft skills” within the industry and the benefits of dedicating time toward developing these (the “WHY”)
  • Personal planning and note-taking
  • Professional planning in the games/film industry
  • Active listening
  • Group dynamics and interaction
  • Feedback: Giving and receiving
  • Reflection (individual and group)
  • Presentation tips & tricks
  • Networking
  • Referencing and intellectual property (IP)


Game for Thought, DAE’s monthly livestream covering different ethically/socially-relevant topics relating to the industry (i.e. women in games & workplace culture, AI-generated art, inclusive recruitment, community management), also finds a place in this module. Students are required to watch each monthly stream, which promote critical thought and holistic perspectives.


Guest lecturers from industry professionals will also be provided, giving students the opportunity to engage with and learn from individuals pioneering in their field.


By the end of this module, students will have received a thorough introduction to the crucial “soft skills” and will be prepared to further advance those skills throughout the following semesters.