Annual Introduction Courses. Another Success!

At the start of September, students and Alumni from Digital Arts and Entertainment ran the Annual Introduction Courses program.

The program prepares incoming students with the first few weeks of basics for several at DAE classes such as:


-Basics of drawing

-Basics of one and two point perspective

-How to build up a drawing using perspective 



-Basics of programming (C ++ & Visual Studio)

-Making a Pong style game




-Navigating the viewport or 3ds Max

-Creating simple objects

-Using Editable Poly to make complex geometry

A big thank you to all the Alumni and Student teachers:

Dominique Buttiens, Kaj Driesen, Diede Apers, Bart De Vos, Jessie van Aelst, Sam Van Hulle, Arthur Trio, René Vandamme, Dave De Breuck, Daan Meysman, Emiel De Paepe, Karim Houari, Thijs De Rijcke, Gert Dhaenens, Pieter Vantorre, Emile Sonneveld, Elliot Bocxtaele, Ruben Tack, Stijn Vande Maele.