Robbert-Jan Brems

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From young age Robbert-Jan Brems was interested in Games and 3D. Before he began DAE, he was already modelling, texturing, programming,… on his own. It was only natural that Robbert-Jan, soon grew to be an excellent student with on top of that great communication and networking skills.


During his internship in Finland, Robbert-Jan worked as a technical artist student at Lapland Studio. From the high North he moved to the UK and started working as a technical artist at Codemasters in the UK and was responsible for pipeline development, tool development, 3Ds Max support, lighting and post processing. As a colleague he was greatly appreciated not only for his hard skills but also for his soft skills or to quote Teve Johnson, technical art director at Codemaster “He pushed himself at all times and was undaunted by challenges outside his comfort zone. Possibly his greatest asset is his enthusiasm, which propels him to find solutions to any problem.”


Together with Laurens Corijn, he was also the co-creator of the popular Xoliul Shader that layed the foundation for Substance3D.

Robbert-Jan worked at Eidos in Montreal Canada were he worked on Thief. In his short career, Robbert-Jan already has some extraordinary highlights!  In 2012, after only one year in the industry, he already gave a presentation at GDC Europe titled ‘How breakdance taught me to be a technical artist’. He talked about how personal experiences in breakdance have influenced his day-to-day approach of solving tech art problems on the job. You can find the link to the presentation here.


Robbert is now working for Unity (game engine) as a Senior Solution Technical Artist. You can read this Flanders DC  interview about his latest experiences.