Holidays, Exams, Internships and a New Challenger!


Holidays have come and gone and we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  We sincerely hope everyone had a good holiday filled with friends and family. 



In the place of holidays, the dreaded EXAMS have come!  We hope everyone is prepared and everything is coming together in preparation (especially you 1st years).  


Our 3rd years are doing their last set of exams and preparing for their internships; which for most is their first step into their respective industry they've been training and dreaming of.  A glorious and scary time for them and we wish them luck!



With the New Year, we also have a new teacher joining our team: Tristan Clarysse.


Tristan is locally from Kortrijk, Belgium but has lived around different places in Europe and even Canada.  Tristan joins our team after having been in the Games Industry as a Lead Artist for Larian Studios having worked on the critically acclaimed Divinity series.  Having worked on Divine Divinity 1, 2 and the new, Divinity: Original Sin. Having also worked in Canada at Bioware Edmonton on Dragon Age and Mass Effect 1 as a 3D Technial Artist and Argonaut in London, Tristan brings a wealth of skills to Digital Arts and Entertainment. He will be teaching Game Graphics and Rigging to our students. 

Fun Fact: 

Tristan's father started "Den Boulevard", a local bar in Kortrijk.