Game Project: My Machine

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Our third year students during Gameprojects 2 need to create a game around a given subject, this year we again worked with the “My machine” project from Howest.


What is Mymachine

MyMachine is an initiative for small and big kids that would like to create their fantastic dream machines. Children from Grammar schools will think of an Machine (IDEA) and the students from HOWEST will create a workable design from it. Then students from technical education will create fully working version of it.


Creating the first ideas

For the students of DAE they went at the start of the semester in September 2014 to the school ‘Ten Bunderen’ in Moorslede, a special school for kids who have autism. Together with the students the kids created sketches of anything they liked or dreamed about, below are some examples of the sketches!

Start making the prototype and concept art

When the kids where done creating the sketches, the students went of to see what kind of game they could make from it. Within a week they had to come up with the basic idea and then start creating all the assets and groundwork to get to the final stage, a fully working game!

December 17 2014

On December 17th of 2014 the kids from the school were invited to ‘the Level’ in Kortrijk, home of DAE. they were presented with a first official look in the progression of the game, and were asked to playtest it so that the students could check if anything was wrong with the current version of the game.

Luckily the kids really loved the game! They had some great feedback for the students so they could finish up the game in time for the exam in January 2015


January 28 2015

After the exam the students together with ‘MyMachine’ and a few teachers went back to the school in Moorslede to officially hand over the game to the School. All kids got their own version to take home to show to their parent what they participated in creating! Finally some kids could show to their brothers/sisters in disbelieve, that he/she DID work on an actual game!

It was a great experience for both the kids from the school as for the students (and teachers) of DAE.


We would like to thank MyMachine and the ‘Ten Bunderen’ kids and school in Moorslede for their enthousiasm in this project! Special thanks for the cake and homemade chocolate treats!



Made by:
The 16 kids from SintIdesbald in Moorslede


DAE Students:
Merel Steeland (programmer)
Dieter Meulemans (programmer)
Jochen De Rouck (artist)

Tom Delboo (artist)

Sonny Van Damme (programmer)