Procedural content by Marcin Swierzowski

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For his graduation work Marcin Swierzowski looked into creating procedural content.


He made a couple of specific tools for the Unreal Engine 4 to speed up the workflow and get random results without having to do major changes like removing objects and replacing them and, if you don’t like the result, having to place them back again. It makes it easier to just play around with what pieces you want without it looking “man placed”. Almost everything is controlled through the use of parameters.


Subway Scene from Marcin Swierzowski.

 Spline Tool

This makes it much easier to create wires, pipes and cables in the engine without having to go through the trouble of modelling every single possible cable that you plan on using. The only requirement is to make a simple cylinder with some extra segments and an attachment piece in case you want it to look attached to the ceiling or wall. You could even make a road with it if you wanted too.


Tiling Tool

This tool allows you to tile objects in both the X and Y direction. It can be used to make an entire tillable floor grid out of it without having to do the tedious task of manually moving each single piece. It includes various parameters some of which allow you to randomize the result that is given.


Start-Mid-End Tool

This is very useful for when you plan on making objects like fences or benches and you’re not willing to make the same object multiple times in various sizes. You have to think a bit more modular as it requires three pieces, a start, a middle and and end piece, to perform its task.


Clutter Tool

With this tool you can quickly fill up your environment with various small clutter objects. It gets quite annoying having to manually manage hundreds of small objects in a scene so this is what this tool does for you. Within the predefined space you can have objects just randomly spawn in locations, aligning themselves on the surface for you. It can also be used to generate a large organic looking forest.


Square Tool

This tool lets you  simply create a rectangular shaped object, like a pillar or rounded of wall, of any size by assigning corner pieces and the pieces which should be put in between. In case you didn’t export them correctly and they’re facing the other way you can still fix this by manipulating the parameters. Aside from that you can also have it swap between different materials to get a more realistic feel if you have various textures available for the same mesh.


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