Michel Mohr releases Hexjack on Google Play

Final year student Michel Mohr released a personal game project called Hexjack and it is available on Google Play. Technologie used to make the game: Unity and Aseprite.


Hexjack is a puzzle game inspired by Threes/2048 and Hearthstone. It tries not to just give the player a fun and engaging puzzle but to also create the atmosphere that they are in a medieval inn. Using an intricate FMOD sound system it plays the custom composed songs of the minstrels intermixed with tavern sounds. People cheering, talking, pints of ale being filled. The initial mechanics are simple. Combine tiles of the same value. But as the player progresses to higher scores they will learn that one wrong move can end the game, and careful planning is rewarded.


<update> Michael has won the "Best Student Game" award during the Belgian Game awards. Congratulations! 
He is now doing his internship at Pajama LLama Games