music video Willow at Fabrique Fantastique

In the first two weeks of their internship Matthew and Quinten were dropped into the production as well as the crunch time for the creation of the music video “Stay Stay Stay” for Belgian band Willow.


They had to work with the storyboards, the digital designs and the green key footage. Quinten painted in Photoshop, Matthew animated the 2D-animations on the timeline in Photoshop and  the camera movements in 3ds Max. A basic composition was created by Michael Koning in NUKE (new software for our internships), the fine tuning of the movement came in the hands of Matthew. 

Matthew Lu (internship), Hanne Geeraert (DAE Veteran), Michael Koning (composer) and Quinten Van Epperzeel (internship)


Willow - Stay Stay Stay (Official Video) from thisiswillow on Vimeo.