Handpainted Houses on Sketchfab

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Here are the exam results of the course Game Graphics:


Together with Sketchfab a small competition was organised. The first 3 students got a prize !

Sketchfab wrote this cool article about this assignment.


Congratulations to everybody.

Blacksmith by Bram Nicaise on Sketchfab

Fisherman's Outpost by Tim Moreels on Sketchfab

Water Mill by deryckeredries on Sketchfab

Floating Island of the Potion Brewer by vilmariina on Sketchfab

Cliff Inn by cgiuliano on Sketchfab

Lighthouse In The Evening. by Thomas Van Nuffel on Sketchfab

Viking House by VincentGoeminne on Sketchfab

The Mill by danbeu on Sketchfab

Wooden Cabin Scene by FloreVanackere on Sketchfab

Old House Scene by vicloccufier on Sketchfab