2015 Game Projects 1: results

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During Game Projects 1, we build on the foundation of Game Prototyping and make games from scratch in teams of 3 to 4 students. We start with an idea on paper, which then is tested in a prototype. Once approved, we proceed to the production phase where all competences from other courses come together. Planning and communication is key in this process. The end result is a fully working game that plays well, looks good and corresponds with the design.



You are the mastermind behind a virus and embark on a path of cellular destruction. Your only goal is to kill your host, and do it fast. You work your way through veins and organs infecting cells to grow your swarm. But your path of cellular destruction will not go unnoticed, before you know it the body’s defensive systems are on your viral tail. Right when the scales start to tip in your favor your host unleashes his final onslaught in the form of medical treatment. Your enormous swarm is attacked from all sides. Will you prevail and kill your host? Or will you be overwhelmed and eradicated?


Made by Tim Neckebroeck, Flore Vanackere, Thomas Van Nuffel

Play VIROID (remark: uses the Unity webplayer, not supported by Chrome, use Mozilla or IE)




You are in a collapsing bomb factory in the USSR trying to make an escape. Since the factory is littered with bombs you need to defuse these bombs so you won’t be blown to bits while you’re on the way to the exit. In each room (or level) you will encounter a number of different enemies

that need to be avoided whilst those ticking bombs need to be defused and disposed.Expect a fast paced game with mayhem and chaos everywhere! Defuse or you lose!


Made by Elias Leonard, Nico Scarpi, Tijs Van de Velde, Vic Loccufier

 Play defUSSR (remark: uses the Unity webplayer, not supported by Chrome, use Mozilla or IE)


Mega Lab Escape:

Being a lab rat isn't easy... Here's your chance to escape from the hands of the crazy scientist. But great challenges await you: You will have to make your way through perilous vertigo tracks, while relying on your balancing, rolling and timing skills. Escape the lab, but make sure you don't die in the process.


Made by An Phu Dupont , Koen Van den Steen, Hans van der Zee Hans, Rutget Verbist

 Play MegaLabEscape (remark: uses the Unity webplayer, not supported by Chrome, use Mozilla or IE)