Preproduction 2: End Results

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For this year final assignment, our first year students had to design an attractive military settlement / camp / settlement based on the following existing backstory:


"The war has been over for a long time. We see a small military setting (about 4-5 persons) which is still occupied by the last surviving soldier. Not knowing that the long war has been over for some time now, the soldier is still determined to protect his camp from enemy attacks. Because of his paranoid behavior he cuts himself off from the outside world and gets into oblivion. Loneliness and confusion strike..."



Final Assignment: The Bunker: In the final assignment we will take you through the whole design and concept process. From thumbnailing, making light studies and colour studies till a finished final presentation painting.


The settlement had to consist of a clear visible main weapon - "defense system", taking into account your environment and time period. Besides the main weapon, the following secondary components had to be present: a basic living area, lookout / crow's nest, storage for ammunition / rations and a small single vehicle fitting in the setting.