Alumnus Brian Cox: Rare Replay

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Alumnus Brian Cox worked as main UI developer on the game Rare Replay. To celebrate its 30th anniversary Rare brings the adventures of his iconic characters together in a collection of 30 games that cover all three decades. From the first 2D classics to the triumphs of Xbox 360 Rare Replay offers a wealth of games for seasoned players and newcomers.


The game is currently at the top of UK game charts. With an IGN review of 90 and an overall reviewer Metascore of 85 the game is doing very well indeed!


Brians made the global user interface functionalities using C++, ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe Flash. He also integrated the Xbox controllers input to communicate with the UI. He also worked on a datadriven system to keep track of all the different game stages. If you want to know more into details what Brian has done, read it on his portfolio

 See Brian in the above video at 1:45, second from the left.