Dries Deryckere: Car Deformation in UE4

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Dries Deryckere created a car that can be procedurally destroyed in unreal engine 4. The doors can be ripped of, the windows can be smashed, and the entire car can be reduced to scrap.


Dries started with making simple meshes and looking for a solution to deform them. Once he found a way to create satisfying bending to his test objects, he made his car piece by piece.Later he added textures and other parts to add more life to the car.


The car is a single blueprint that can be simply dragged into a scene, nothing else is required.


Software that was used for this project: 3dsmax, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4.


Dries wrote an article about his project here.

DAE2015-16_GraduationWork_Dries Deryckere_intro from DAE on Vimeo.