Game Graphics: Avatar 2016

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For the course Game Graphics (next year called Game Art) the students had to design their own avatar, and then turn it into a low-poly handpainted 3D model that had to be uploaded on Sketchfab.

Bio Hunter by FredericDegraeve on Sketchfab

Druid Barbarian by GaetanThibaut on Sketchfab

The Red Paladin by on Sketchfab

The Noble Craftsman by olmopotums on Sketchfab

Einar by Jens Patteeuw on Sketchfab

The Fly Catcher by Minh Phuong Nguyen on Sketchfab

Village Idiot by Dovydas Budrys on Sketchfab

The Grim Gunner by Maxime Barbieux on Sketchfab

Grim Reaper by Rik van den Biggelaar on Sketchfab