Handpainted Old Houses on Sketchfab

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This are the results of the final assignment of the module Game Graphics (next year called Game Art 1) in the second year. The students had to make one old building and texture it using hand painted techniques, using Photoshop or 3D-Coat. The timeframe for this assignment was to limited to incorporate normal mapping or sculpting.


The results were published on Sketchfab, where many students received praise from the community and a Sketchfab staff pick! Well done to the students, and give them another like!


<update> Sander Vander Meiren was asked by Sketchfab to write an article about his scene, how cool is that, read it here.


See all the results of this module on sketchfab.com/models


Rik van den Biggelaar even wrote an article about his work on the Sketchfab website.

Aquarium by Rik van den Biggelaar on Sketchfab

Caribbean Scene by FredericDegraeve on Sketchfab

The Sky Fishery by olmopotums on Sketchfab

Floating Market by Minh Phuong Nguyen on Sketchfab

Farmhouse by Dovydas Budrys on Sketchfab

Amed├ęs' Nice Pub by samuel.de.vos on Sketchfab

The Toll Bridge by GaetanThibaut on Sketchfab

Melmidoc's Magic Crystals by Jens Patteeuw on Sketchfab

Ye Olde Tavern by anoukdebruyne on Sketchfab

Saltwater Cabin by wouterweynants on Sketchfab

Pottery Island by niels_breugelmans on Sketchfab

Schlupendas Brewery by Szabolcs Csizmadia on Sketchfab

Witch house by CrypticNessie on Sketchfab

stylised sky player home dioroma by Sander Vander Meiren on Sketchfab

The Boat Repair Shop by nigelfierens on Sketchfab