Unreal Engine Evangelist Sjoerd De Jong visits DAE

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We had the pleasure of having Unreal Engine Evangelist Sjoerd - Hourences - De Jong coming to visit our campus. Sjoerd has a very long career in the games industry working for many companies as a level designer. In more recent years he started his own indie company, it is known for The Ball, and the Solus Project. Now he works for Epic as the Unreal Evangelist in Europe, traveling around the continent visiting companies and schools.


At Digital Arts and Entertainment there are multiple courses that make heavy use of the Unreal Engine in class, so we were very happy to welcome Sjoerd De Jong at our campus.He discussed our curriculum with our lecturers and was pleased about how we approach the matter.


For the students he talked about the Unreal Engine, the games industry and about the Solus Project, a game made in Unreal Engine 4.