3D Production 2016: Exam Results

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 These are the results of the 3D production course from the major VFX and 3D production.

 Second year students were asked to recreate a frame or set from a movie or tv-show in maya and arnold.

 Hatim Toulni: Mizuchi

 Zoe Juhr-Debenedetti: The Great Gatsby

Sandra Veresa: Star Wars The Force Awakens

 Goedman Aletta: Fight Club

 Bram Maroy: Big Hero 6

 Lecat Justine : Pirates of the Caribbean

 Jean-Philippe Lybeer: Deadpool

 Valvekens Odin: Prometheus 

 Michele Samyn: Toy Story 3

 Matts Verkest: Cars

 Thomas Van Fucht: A Single Man

 Moustafa Ghalmi: Seinfeld