Exam Results 2016-17: Level Editing 1

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In the course Level Editing 1 our second year students came into contact with the Unreal Engine for the first time. The students had to design and create a level for the new Unreal Tournament game. Because the task is vast and the students schedule very busy, a workflow was set up to build a level in a modular manner with a limited number of meshes and textures.


Topics that were discussed during this course: layout of the level, look of the level, shaders and light setup.


These are some of the results:

A8 Facility Reactors from Dominika Bariaková on Vimeo.

Abandoned lab - First level in UE4 from Tim Coddens on Vimeo.

The Fuel Base Jean-Philippe Lybeer from Jean-Philippe Lybeer on Vimeo.

VivaEmptiness from Ellie Porfyridou on Vimeo.

Spacestation from Simon on Vimeo.