Olmo Potums: Terrain Blending Tool

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For his graduation work Olmo Potums made "Blendscape", a terrain-blending tool for the Unreal Engine 4. It aims to remove the hard intersection seams between meshes and the landscape. To achieve this, Distance Field functionality is used. There are many different variations within this tool, but the most basic version automatically detects the intersection seam and adjusts the normals of the mesh to conform to the environment. The landscape material is also applied on the geometry of the mesh close to the terrain.

GradWork_2016-17_Olmo_Potums_UnrealBlending from DAE on Vimeo.

Example of a rock mesh without landscape blending (left), procedural landscape material (middle) and procedural landscape material with adjusted normal (right).

The project not only aims to provide a landscape-blending tool, but it also serves as a stepping stone for other 3D artists that want to educate themselves on this matter. Everything in the project is laid out in a comprehensive way. The project contains a showcase level, which aims to explain every aspect of the provided toolset. Multiple example-levels are also included to give the user ideas about what is possible with this kit.