Internship Fair 2017: our biggest & best edition so far!

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More than 100 senior DAE students are currently looking for an internship (spring of 2018), and to kickstart their search we organised our annual internship fair in October. On Friday the 13rd, no less!


Just a few hours after registrations opened, more than 30 organisations had already signed up. In the end we clocked off at 54 participating companies, with 118 industry colleagues joining us from 7 different countries, representing AAA studios and large corporations as well as small creative agencies and brand new indie start-ups.


A massive thanks to our friends and partners at:

Aardvark Swift (UK), Aeroplane (BE), Apocalypse Hunters (BE), Around Media (BE), Artcore Society (BE), Bazookas (BE), Bohemia Interactive (CZ), BossAlien (UK), bump (BE), Cartamundi Digital (BE), Codemasters (UK), Crazy Monkey Studios (BE), Creative Conspiracy (BE), Cybernetic Walrus (BE), Cyborn (BE), DAE Research (BE), DivideByFour (BE), exiin (BE), Fabrique Fantastique (BE), Glowfish Interactive (BE), Black Forest Games (DE), Graphine (BE), Greygin (BE), Grid (BE), GTL Studio (BE), Guerrilla Games (NL), Happy Volcano (BE), Hoaxland (BE), Holofarm (BE), Immeractive (BE), KBC (BE), KCC (BE), Larian Studios (BE), LuGus Studios (BE), Moose-Stache (BE), Nanopixel (BE), Neopica (BE), Nitro Games (BE), OneBonsai (BE), Pajama Llama Games (BE), Split Polygon (BE), Stad Gent (BE), Studio Gobo (UK), Studio Souza (BE), Studio Waterzooi (BE), Sumo Digital (UK), The Fridge (BE), Triangle Factory (BE), Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Company (SE), Umedia Visual Effects (BE), Visual Dimension (BE), Wonder Media (BE), Wooga (DE) and YUME VR (BE).


A great showcase of the range of sectors and the many shapes and sizes of organisations where our graduates' skills and talents are in high demand.




The night before the internship fair, we themed our weekly Thursday study night 'Get Into the Industry', starting with a DAE Careers Talk by UK-based games & creative industries recruiter Aardvark Swift. For a fully packed auditorium, they gave students of all 3 years at DAE:


  • Careers advice for video games, film & TV, covering games programming, art, animation & VFX
  • Information of how to maximise your chances of securing your first professional job role.
  • CV, Portfolio and Demo Advice
  • Interview Techniques & tips
  • An overview of the technical and practical knowledge required by studios
  • Tips on how to increase employability


DAE alumnus Samuel De Vos followed right after, sharing with the audience how he secured his Environment Artist internship at Massive Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio in Sweden last year, warming up the participants for the informal portfolio feedback sessions we'd organised for the rest of the evening.


Thanks to all DAE alumni and the other industry partners, who also joined us on this Thursday evening - some of them until far past midnight - to meet & greet with our students and to give invaluable feedback on their work. In particular: Sharan and Ian from Aardvark Swift (UK); Becky and Ivan from Codemasters (UK); Stijn Van Doorselaere (DAE lecturer, ex GoodGame Studios (DE), Napoleon Games (BE) and Larian Studios (BE)); Karim Houari (DAE lecturer, ex Walking the Dog (BE) and 2K (CZ)); Terry, Dominique and Thomas from Studio Gobo (UK) and last but not least: Sandra & Samuel from Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft (SE)!