Preproduction 2: End Results 2017-2018

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For their end-term project our first-year students had to design an attractive setting based on the 'Time traveler' theme.
The setting clearly had to show a time capsule that had gone back in time. The chosen time period with coresponding architecture and culture had to be illustrated on the basis of a large gate.
The gate itself had to be based
on architectural characteristics within a certain time period, but had to be redesigned and pushed a bit further in order to have a more epic and grotesque look.


Teodora Petkova:


Châu Nguyen:


Laure Dhooge & Aitor Randez:


Simona Todorova & Piter Hillewaert:


Jef Simons:


Julia Platenkamp


Kristian LaGrange


Jasper Schubert


Marlena Beyer & Eline van Essen