Video Mapping Workshop 2016

For 6 days, 13 people, composed of European audiovisual students and professionals, from animation, digital arts, graphic design, etc., will participate to a creative challenge: to produce together a video mapping performance. The video mapping will take place on the entrance hall of the Level and on a Maquette for the new headquarters of Barco in Kortrijk. The idea is to have a big video mapping projection on the new building of Barco with the official opening later this year. 
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Workshop details. 

Sunday 24th > Friday 29th of January 2016
The Level, Howest – Kortrijk (BE)
Training staff
Ludovic Burczykowski, Dirk Lambrecht, Alexandra Mores
Creative teams
Ésaat – Roubaix (France)
Elisa Maillard
Lara Mattelart
Howest – Kortrijk (Belgium)
Jochen De Rouck
Sam Robberechts
Robin Rodet
MOME – Budapest (Hungary)
Melinda Kádár
Balázs Tóth
Plymouth College of Art – Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Raees Floris
Jessica Mehler
The Animation Workshop – Viborg (Denmark)
Mihaela Buzgan
Marcus Richter
Turku University of Applied Sciences – Turku (Finland)
Sonja Yrjölä
Inari Halme