Euranim Workshop 2018

For 5 days, 13 students from European animation schools participate to a video mapping workshop. They are working together to produce a video mapping performance for the stair case of HOWEST school in Belgium. In this edition we added interactivity to the video mapping. The persons who are visiting the exhibition have the opportunity to interact with the videomapping using their smartphone. 
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Workshop details

Monday 12 - Friday 16 th january
The Level, Howest – Kortrijk (BE)
Training staff
Ludovic Burczykowski, Jules Huvig, Dirk Lambrecht, Alexandra Mores
Creative teams
ECV Lille – Lille (France)
Maxence Deschamps
Aude Mahieux
Howest – Kortrijk (Belgium)
Jennifer Blömeke
Benoit Deprins
Michiel Noyez-Vermont
Ine Kiebooms
Beatrijs De Tant
Plymouth College of Art – Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Megan Shepherd
Adrianna Krzoska
The Animation Workshop – Viborg (Denmark)
Cathrine B. Holm
Søren Bro Sparre
Turku University of Applied Sciences – Turku (Finland)
Aro Merta
Kaarina Uimonen