3D For Games 2: Year Results 2018-2019

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In order for our developer students to communicate clearly and cooperate with their artist counterparts, it is necessary for them to understand the whole asset creation pipeline. Although it is not the main focus of our Major Game Development, it is still a core part of the curriculum.


In 3D for Games 2, we explore the basics of rigging, high poly modeling, baking and PBR texturing throughout the semester. For the rigging part, the focus was mainly on mechanical objects with simple controls for both inverse as forward kinematics. The high poly modeling was centered around subdivision modeling techniques, as well as the concepts of polyflow, control edges etc.


As part of their final exam, students had to reimagine the robot in our building with a NASCAR, public service or superhero theme. This required them to bake their high poly models and texture them with Substance Painter and Designer, and present them using Unreal Engine 4. Below are some of this year's results:

DAE2019_Student_DeKoeyerEmiel from Digital Arts and Entertainment on Vimeo.