Maxime Rigole: Breakdown of UE4 Scene

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DAE Senior student Maxime Rigole created a game-ready optimized environment as part of his Graduation Work project.

About the project: "Inside a valley on a strange alien planet, an explorer is trapped as the passage behind him collapses suddenly...

Twilight Temple is a game ready optimized environment to present my Graduation Work, during 4 weeks I researched how best to make light adaptive foliage inside Unreal Engine, and spent 2 weeks creating an environment to present my work in. Everything is made from scratch by myself except for the rocks and flashlight models (which I retextured) and the ground texture.

Colors inspired by avatar and Arthur Tasquin's amazing looking foliage!"


Maxime explains the breakdown of his UE4 scene for 80 LEVEL. Read the full article here. 

80 LEVEL is an industry-leading platform for game developers, digital artists, animators, video grame enthusiast, CGI and VFX specialists. 


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