1UP Conference 2020

Inspirational talks by gaming industry giants.


This event was tailored to industry professionals and people who want to take their interest in videogames to the next level. 1UP Conference hosted international speakers who shared their insights and expertise with the audience, including various workshops for all tastes and ample opportunity to network.


During the conference, alumna Sophie Debloudts gave a talk about 'Exploring Intelligence in Games'. 

"Games have been using a variety of AI over the years, and with advances in Machine Learning techniques the sky will soon be the limit in terms of what can be achieved. In this talk we will delve into concepts such as systemic AI, neural networks and genetic algorithms, with examples of applications in modern games and research."


On February 21st 2020, the entire Belgian Games Industry gathered for the Belgian Game Awards 2020, a celebration of our local game development industry! It was a show like never before and established once again the impressive talent that is present in Belgium!


DAE students and alumni-founded-companies took home a few of the awards! Congratulations to all!


Two Days of Gaming Madness!


1UP was a Next Level Gaming Expo on Saturday and Sunday. You could play the latest games, discover the wonders of VR, score yourself some awesome merch or walk among your videogame heroes in the cosplay village.


DAE had an amazing booth during this 2nd edition of 1UP! See you again next year!