The Rookie Awards 2020 Finalists announced

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The Rookie Awards 2020 received 3,769 entries from aspiring digital artists around the world. DAE students are amongs the finalists for Rookie of the Year and Game of the Year titles.The finalists represent the very best entries selected by the judging panel which include some of the most influential and respected experts in their creative and technical fields.

We are very proud of all our student that submitted their work! Check all of their amazing work here.
The finalists have been selected by scoring each student based on criteria including creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential. As always, the results have been extremely close with only a few points difference between the majority of nominees.
One of the awards per category that the nominated students/groups could win is the People’s Choice Contender.
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The winners will be announced July 16th 2020, 11:59pm (GMT).

 Game Development Finalists


'I really enjoyed playing games as a child, and because I really liked to draw it has always been a dream job for me to make graphics for games. I have always admired people who are able to make beautiful things, so I would love to be in an industry where I am able to do so too!'

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'I remember playing Jak & Daxter (Naughty Dog) all the time when I was a kid. I even wrote a mail to Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin (creators) to thank them for creating this immersive and amazing game. This was the moment I started looking into game concept art and environments. Fascinated by the color palettes and compositions as my passion for this industry grew.'

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'When I was younger I played a lot with LEGO, building anything and everything I could with any parts I had lying around, later on that translated to games where I was managing cities, building houses and enviroments, admiring the work others made with simple building blocks provided in those games, later on I discovered how games were being developped, and I concluded that what's even more fun than building things in games, is building the very game inself!'

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'While I always liked drawing and doodling in my school books, I never thought of working in the entertainment industry until I found a high school with a specialization on Multimedia / Game design. After graduating there, I knew for sure that I wanted to keep creating cool 3d stuff and make a living out of it. I also knew I had to step up my game and so I decided to leave Austria and join the Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment University in Belgium.'

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'When I was a little kid I loved drawing my favorite video game and comic characters. One day I drew a character, which I created myself and I proudly asked my dad "Can you send this to someone so they can make it into a character in a game?". I think that was the day where I subconsciously decided for my career . When I was 18 and not sure what to do with my life, a friend told me about DAE. I knew immediately that this is the way I have to go in my life.'

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Architectural Visualisation Finalists


'I realized that this is what I want for my future job when I got introduced in the world of 3D and its' possibilities. The fact that you can translate the way that you perceive the world in a visual form is incredibly amusing for me!'

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GAME OF THE YEAR - Immersive Media Finalists

Mr. Pumpkin's Potionary - VIEW ENTRY

'MPP is a single-player VR game for players of all ages and VR newcomers. It eases people into the rather new technology with simple gameplay mechanics while also introducing them to the potential of VR as an educational or recreational medium.'

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GAME OF THE YEAR - Console & PC Finalists


'Banana wars is a couch co-op game. The game is played on an island where each player plays a different type monkey. The goal of the game is collecting the most bananas. Each monkey type has his own unique ability to use! You can collect bananas by shaking trees, or battle for them with the other players!'

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Detritus - VIEW ENTRY

'Detritus is a local co-op game, where two players can team up. One is the brains, the other the brawn. Together they have to fight and craft their way out of a tomb full of monsters.'

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