DAE Kick-off 2021-22

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Dear students,

The start of the academic year is almost upon us. Classes start on the 20th of September in what will hopefully be a corona-free academic year (this time for real).

In order to allow new students to smoothly transition to our programme we’ve scheduled an orientation week which starts on the 15th (schedule below). During this time students will be provided all the relevant info they need, to answer questions like: 


How do I access my school account? 

Where can I see my class schedule? 

Where can I download the required software? 

Is the sound design teacher as good-looking as the legends say?



  • GGP = Game Graphics Production
  • IGP = Independent Game Production
  • GD = Game Development + Sound Design
  • 3D&VFX = Visual Effects + 3D Animation



ONLY NEW students are required to attend the Kick-Off.


IOT students or students that were enrolled previous Academic Year do not need to be present. There will be a separate Online stream that will feature a major talk and upcoming community initiatives. For details check your favourite learning platform LEHO.


Recordings of the presentations will be made and posted on our learning platform (LEHO) for the students that could not attend.

Additional essential info that will not be covered during the physical sessions will also be made accessible online via public Howest URLS and our learning platform.


In order to be able to access some of the programme-specific online info you need to first setup your student account and login to LEHO. If you fail to do this step, you cannot proceed.

If you run into troubles during this step (e.g. login not working), please contact helpdesk@howest.be asap.

Setup student account: https://www.howest.be/nl/studeren/studentenvoorzieningen/it-op-de-campus/kickoff

The link above also provides instructions as to how you can connect to the wifi on campus, access the student platform, class schedule, etc. Language settings can be changed in the top right corner. 


After that you’ve successfully logged into our learning platform LEHO, you can access the vital programme-specific content via the “DAE KICK OFF 21-22” module on your dashboard, next click “modules” and browse through the KICK-OFF content.

Please note: some of the content is marked “mandatory”, choosing not to view this info (e.g. the EER) will most definitely come back and haunt you (I’m not even kidding).


Your student card will be available for pickup at the front desk during the course of the first week of class.