3D1: Exam Results 2021

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For the 3D1 course students were to cut out a piece of land and remake it in a 3D world. In just a few months time, the students learned the entire process of low poly modeling, with these dioramas as an end result. Some of them are beautiful calm places, some of them are gritty and full of story. Each of them are portraying a different narrative, but there is one thing these scenes have in common: you can get lost in their atmosphere and level of detail. Enjoy!


Meesje van Hout

Anouk Donkers

Christiane Schaper

Noah Baumann

Dayell de Graaf

Yvette Kooke

Tom Pauwaert

Birger Bosbach

Gert Braeckman

Johan Pindeville

Anouk van Uffelen

Hugo Colauto

Antijn van der Gun

Martijn Vaes

Geremia Merzari