Stylized Design and Creation : The Treasure Guardian

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For the Stylized Design and Creation 1 final assignment students were challenged to host an art pitch for a project themed “the treasure guardian”. For this they developed a fitting art style for their stories, documented in a compact and clear Art Bible covering all the specifics defining their Style. Illustrated and visually supported by the designs of a creature ( the protagonist/ treasure guardian ), an assets ( the guardians most personal/valuable object ) and a callout of the characters lair/hideout.
Enjoy some of the many highlights here:
The SDC Team. 

 Bryan Van Der Linden

 Garret Mooney

 Sundaramoorthy Sulvijan

 Lorusso Favia Adriano

 Jitske Bauwens

 Ozcelik Meltem

 Dennis Welling

 Potze Joran