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Welcome to the online infoday for the Digital Arts & Entertainment curriculum. On our DAE website you will find all the curriculum related information.
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06:30 PM   Live Q&A Panel

This panel with be with our students and lecturers. Come for a chat with our great panel we organized for you, where you can send all your questions in the chat box during the livestream, and we will be there to answer all of them! We can't wait to 'see' you there!



10:30 AM   Welcome to DAE

10:45 AM   Major Visual Effects

11:05 AM   Major 3D animation

11:25 AM   Major Game Graphics Production

11:50 AM   Student Panel


12:20 PM   DAE and Beyond

01:00 PM   Major Game Development

01:20 PM   Major Sound Design

01:40 PM   Major Independent Game Production

02:05 PM   Student Panel

02:35 PM   Closing word




Our teachers are available for chats on SATURDAY, May 8th 2021 from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM:

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


More information on each major, our Community and Research department can be found below.



The secrets of VFX blockbusters finally revealed! From the start of this study programme, we're going to take a look "behind the scenes" to discover what goes into the creation of all those visual effects.

The trajectory of this curriculum is based on to the current needs of the film industry. Whether it's London, Montreal or closer to home, the possibilities for hard-working VFX Artists are unlimited!

Future job opportunities: render supervisior, rotoscoper, technical artist, compositor, 3D artist, FX artist, lighting artist ...

Watch the video for a overview of the Major Visual Effects and explore the curriculum of the Major Visual Effects here.



Are you fascinated by the magic of animation? We take you through the production process of a 3D animation film. We start with the visual storytelling in a storyboard: evolving from a 2D animatic to a 3D block-out to the final scene. In this pipeline, *you* are the "puppet master". Let virtual beings jump, run, fly, talk, cry, fight, fall in love... There are no limits. Within animation, the boundaries are endlessly.

Future job opportunities: character animator, character modeller, rigging artist, technical artist, 3D artist, ...

Watch the video for a overview of the Major 3D Animation and explore the curriculum of the Major 3D Animation here.



A graduate from Game Graphics Production is an expert in creating graphical assets for AAA games. Starting from a concept, you translate the vision of your art director into breathtaking graphics. Just like a game developer you own a thorough understanding of the production pipeline and you are able to find a balance between quality and production speed. You master a wide set of 2D, 3D and technical skills.

Future job opportunities: character artist, prop artist, vehicle artist, texturing artist, environment artist, tech artist, 3D generalist, lighting artist, ...

Watch the video for a overview of the Major Game Graphics Production and explore the curriculum of the Major Game Graphics Production here.



Making games is not a game but serious business. Independent Game Production takes you through the full production of a game. During your training it introduces you to the game engine within which you bring a world to life. You learn also the ins and outs of the content creation tools that you design them with. We focus on the knowledge needed to take the lead in the development of new projects.

Future job opportunities: game designer, indie game developer, unity developer, applied game developer, mobile/ casual game developer, 2D/3D designer, ...

Watch the video for a overview of the Major Independent Game Production and explore the curriculum of the Major Independent Game Production here.



In this specialisation you will immerse yourself in the full production process of AAA games. You become an all-in developer, who learns to conjure with game graphics and gameplay programming. In addition, the student learns breathtaking real time productions such as games, AR and VR simulations. Art and game design are controlled by code that leads to a sensational gaming experience.

Future job opportunities: 3D programmer, level designer, console programmer, technical artist, gameplay programmer, tool developer, shader developer, asset implementer, game developer, ...

Watch the video for a overview of the Major Game Development and explore the curriculum of the Major Game Development here.



Sound is an indispensable and crucial part in audiovisual media and games; its importance can hardly be overstated in modern-day game productions. With this DAE-major in Sound Design, we initially aim at imparting our students with an attuned set of programming skills. This part of the program enables students to fully grasp and function in various roles of a game development team.

Future job opportunities: Sound Designer (Game/Film Audio), Audio Director, Field Recordist, Foley Artist, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Mixing engineer, Mastering engineer, Voice Director,…

Watch the video for a overview of the Major Sound Design and explore the curriculum of the Major Sound Design here.



Studying at DAE means:

  • open, inclusive and international community
  • real-life, team-based and industry-assessed projects and assignments
  • practice-oriented education and training by qualified experts
  • international guest lectures by key industry speakers from all over the world
  • state-of-the-art equipment and facilities 

Be informed about DAE with our Online booklets:

- Online brochure

- Guide for Prospective Students

- Welcome Guide

Watch the video to get a feel of the DAE Community and explore the campus life here.



DAE-Research is the research cell of the study program Digital Arts and Entertainment, where both demand-driven applied research projects and applied research projects on its own initiative are set up. The research projects are oriented, to a large extent, towards transferring the knowledge of game technology to sectors other than entertainment and/or on exploring new game technology (hard- and software).

Besides entertainment purposes, game technology can be used in multiple ways: as an educational tool in the industrial sector, as a means to open up cultural heritage, or as an instrument to offer psycho-education in the social service sector or for innovative sports concepts.

Watch the video of our DAE Research team and explore more research projects  here.



Introducing DAE VAULT

A series of online content tailored to New Incoming students with a passion for the interactive and pre-rendered 3D world. With the guidance of our lecturers, you will discover different topics we teach at DAE. It will let you try out different software and techniques, which you will see more in-depth if you decide to enrol in our programme.

On our YouTube channel, you will find introductory videos to 3D in Maya, Level Decoration in Unreal Engine, Programming C++, Sculpting in Zbrush, Digital Painting, Preproduction, Math in Houdini SideFX.

More content to follow on Building a small game in Unity, and 2D in Photoshop.