Programming 2: 2021 Post Mortem

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Each year our first-year students of the Game Development major need to prove that they understand the basics of C++. What better way than asking them to create their own game or to recreate one of their childhood favourites – games they have played for hours on end, and of which they have great memories.


These games are a true test of their understanding of the basic C++ programming language, memory management, physics and collision detection in games, but also of time management, planning and perseverance. Special attention is paid to the most recent C++ style programming, code organisation, the correct use of inheritance and composition. For many students, this step-by-step approach is what is needed to introduce them to a whole new world, in which a programming language becomes a useful tool that will help them to create and express their ideas.


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Simon Schelstraete

Arnaud Vanderveken

Gillian Assi

Connor De Meyer

Sam Corluy

Laurens Krikilion

Nevin Amarendranath

Ruben Frans