Where we are going, we don't need roads

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For 3D2 our first year students had to add a sci-fi tint to original vintage cars. The result? Hover cars to ride the sky with!   


The first step of this process was to model three existing everyday objects and then use kit-bashing and subdivision modeling techniques to create an interesting hover engine. Then they had to model a vintage car from the mid 1900s and replace the wheels with their custom hover engines.

The final step was to create realistic materials and proper studio lighting to render their final result, along with some post-production to give it a vintage look. Here are some of their awesome results!


Noah Baumann

Hugo Colauto

Anouk Donkers

Michalina Gasienica-Laskowy

Tom Pauwaert

Sunniva Pearce

Martijn Simons

Sofi Argirova

Mari Gallet

Gert Braeckman

Angel Schuerewegen

Martijn Vaes

Mauro Vantechelman

Evy Westelinck

Sebastien Vanschoonbeek