Procedural Introduction: Exam 2021

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For the end assignment of the course ‘Procedural Introduction’ our first year students had to pick a tower like object and create a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) that intuitively covers a big variety of shapes. The main goals were both the overall flexibility of the asset but also the user interface of the HDA.

We had a lot of amazing results, below is a selection of our favorite ones:
Anouk Donkers

Tom Pauwaert

Miel Vandepitte

Karolinka Fierloos

Michalina Gasienica Laskowy

Koen Laureys

Ward Ulenaers

Alexander Windels

Camille Leclercq

Rani Nagels

Anne Dolmans

Gilles DeRegge

Rio Derham

Koen Berkvens

Gert Braeckman

Anse Vandevelde