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The Unwrap festival is a B2B event, aiming to bring professionals from and students for the entertainment industry (games, music, film) together, in which we are a leading organizing partner.



On Thursday, the 14th of October, we organize a full conference day with high-profile (inter)national keynote speakers and inspiring stories that build bridges between the different industries. 

It's not by accident that the baseline of the festival is ‘the future of entertainment' with great networking activities, a game pitch café and much more.


Information & Tickets: UNWRAP.BE



On Friday 15 October 2021, we organize our live, on-site Unwrap Career Fair, the former DAE Internship Fair. This will take place – like in the old days – in our campus building The Level, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET. 


The complete schedule can be found at UNWRAP.BE


Join UNWRAP for top level inspirational industry speakers, first hand information about the future of our local entertainment industry, unique opportunity to start building your network in the industry, work hard – party hard : networking opportunities with lots of free drinks and much more! 

A true entertainment festival with Compact Disk Dummies as closing act of the festival.


We hope you will join us onsite to experience the vibrant atmosphere and the great networking between educational staff, companies, alumni and students.


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We really hope to see you too @ UNWRAP !