DAE Mission Statement: Officially Launched!

 As our community continues to bring attention to the importance of ethics – both personally and professionally – we are thrilled to have launched our official DAE Mission Statement! Our Mission Statement is first and foremost an invitation to commit to building and upholding a positive community, together. It is the intention for this document to truly live and breathe within our community; it is certainly not the intention for our Mission Statement to exist solely as a set of rules or punitive guidelines. It’s a foundation – offering community guidelines created with the intention of cultivating an inclusive, open-minded, and supportive community.

We view this document as a positive framework that explains who we are, and what we stand for. As we share in the Mission Statement, we strongly believe that a positive community is only established through a positive lens.
As a Community, we believe in:
RESPECT. Recognize the worth of yourself and other.
POSITIVITY. Commit yourself to a campus environment in which anyone is welcome to share and grow.
PASSION. Persevere in what you feel strongly about.
EFFORT. Work resiliently, and the rewards will follow.
Members of the DAE community are encouraged to be unforgivably themselves – supporting each other while upholding the standards of our community guidelines (see pages 2-8). 
Read the DAE Mission Statement in full and discover what it means to commit to our ethical framework.
Questions about the Mission Statement or Ethics at DAE?
Contact Allie Weis, Ethics Coordinator in International Game Development: allie.weis@howest.be