Tune in to the Howest DAE YouTube channel on 16, 19 and 23 February and get to know all the ins and outs of Digital Arts and Entertainment during the DAE Study Information (SID-IN) Live Streams. The livestreams are in English, but questions can also be asked in Dutch.


Please check this page for new daily updates! 

Wednesday, 16 February 2022: Ready player one?!

Students who choose for DAE become part of an international acclaimed bachelor programme which will prepare you for the wondrous and challenging world of game development and movie design. During this livestream, you will learn all about the 6 different majors or study options within Digital Arts and Entertainment. 


Livestream: 9 – 11.30 AM (CET)

  • 9.00 AM: Introduction: DAE are you up for the challenge?
  • 9.10 AM: Game Graphics Production: The art of AAA games!
  • 9.30 AM: Game Development: Becoming the coding wizard that brings the virtual word to life!
  • 10 min Break
  • 10.00 AM: Interactive Sound Production: Producing pro-level quality audio for game studios!
  • 10.20 AM: Independent Game Production: Combining creative and technical skills to design, develop and market games!
  • 10 min Break
  • 10.50 AM: 3D Animation: Making characters and animation movies come to life!
  • 11.10 AM: Visual Effects (VFX): Revealing the secrets of special effects and blockbuster movies!
  • 11.30 AM: END


Saturday, 19 February 2022 : Landing a job in the industry: DAE can get you everywhere!  

With a Bachelor's degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment, the world is at your feet. You can find a multitude of jobs and profiles. But of course, everything depends on which major you have chosen! During this Livestream we focus on jobs, jobs jobs! Find out first hand where our alumni are currently working and get some industry insights on futureproofs skills and technology. 


Livestream: 2 – 4 PM (CET)

  • 2.00 PM: Introduction: Will DAE prepare you for the industry?
  • 2.20 PM: Alumni interviews: How DAE kickstarted my career!
  • 3.20 PM: More than games: DAE Research about futureproof skills and technology.
  • 3.40 PM: Kickstart your own Company: DAE Studios: the start-up accelerator.
  • 4.00 PM: END


Wednesday, 23 February 2022: Studying at DAE: more than just classes!

The moment you become part of DAE you become a member of its community – a vibrant, international community where you are free to attend a wide range of activities organized on a weekly, per semester or yearly basis. The Level becomes your home away from home. During this livestream, our community manager, international coordinator, ethics coordinator, recruitment manager and more. 


Livestream: 9 – 11 AM (CET)

  • 9.00 AM: International opportunities in DAE.
  • 9.20 AM: Game for thought and our DAE Mission Statement!
  • 9.40 AM: DAE Community: All about connecting students!
  • 10 mins Break
  • 10.15 AM: Campus The Level: your new home.
  • 10.30 AM: Student services: guidance with financing, housing, study issues, student jobs…
  • 10.45 AM: How to best prepare for DAE?
  • 11.00 AM:  END