Animation 3 Results 2021-22

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In Animation 3 you get the chance to prove yourself as an actor or for example to impersonate the drama queen you always wanted to be! Check out the results of the Animation 3 course from a lot of different class assignments and the final exam results. 


Arnold De Rauw (Rig 'Jaafar' by Alorema Rigs)

Mari Gallet (Rig 'Waitress' by Santiago Calle and Francois Boquet; Rig 'Aang' by Mia Pray and Rijah Kazuo)

Lisa Cornil (Rig 'Boni by Ugur Ulvi Yetiski)

Machias Boschman (Rig 'Ghostly Knight' by Emilio Serrano; Rig 'Link' by Christoph Schoch)

Juan Carlos Yanez (Rig 'Tom' by Artem Dubina & Rinan Adamanov; Rig 'Lou by Dmitry Danilov & Boris Klimov)

Stefan Savic (Rigs by Gabriel Salas)