Project highlight: 'Pencils'


'Pencils' is an animated film created by a group of four students from the third year of ‘Digital Arts & Entertainment’ at Howest College in Belgium. The project was commissioned by ‘Parents for Inclusion,’ an organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity in Belgian schools and society. The students were tasked with visually representing the concept of "inclusion" in a simple and universally understood manner.


To bring their vision to life, the students collaborated with a fellow student from the conservatory who composed an original soundtrack specifically for this project. They utilized a range of digital tools throughout the production process. After 12 weeks of dedicated effort, the final result was unveiled on the occasion of Belgium's National Inclusion Day in March 2023.


We are absolutely thrilled to have witnessed the realization of this project and the captivating story it brings to life. We couldn't be more proud of our talented students for achieving such exceptional work and we are excited to see how this remarkable project propels them forward into even more exciting opportunities.



Dive into the BEHIND-THE-SCENES world of "Pencils" and witness the dedication and hard work that went into making this extraordinary film. Check out the making-of footage here:



All credits for this project go to:


Jules Willemyns: Lead, Lines animation, Compositing, Prop artist, Texture artist

Arno Van Lombergen: Compositing, Lighting, Prop artist, Texture artist, Animating

Sammie Laureys: Prop artist, Texture artist, Sound design

Andrea Ferrero Carrasco: Animation lead, Rigging

Tom Johnston: Composer