Alumnus Kevin Saey is now studying Architecture

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Alumni Kevin Saey graduated in 2013 from Digital Arts and Entertainment. During his studies here he got more and more interested in architectural visualisations and the vray render engine. Kevin got a chance to do his internship at Animotions, a company that is specialized in visualisations and presentations for architecture, urban planning, interior design and industrial design. 


After his internship and graduation from DAE Kevin took the bold decision to continue studing in the field of Architecture. When making his architecture assignments he is now glad he can rely on his acquired 3D knowledge during his time at DAE, because in his architecture course they are not teaching how to make visualisations. He is now even giving workshops to his fellow architect students on how to work with 3DsMax and Vray, while still helping out Animotions where he can.


Below you can see some of the renders he made for his school assignment. The facade of an exsiting building and a private space, a 10m² room, needed to be reinvented. On the ground floor there is an antique shop and the windows act as window displays, some for the shop and some could be "personal displays" for the residents. The building is close to a school, so the rooms could be a student studio. The idea is to invite artists to give new interpretations to the facade.