Sound Integration 2

§ In short

Having learned the complexities of Audio design, Game-Engines and Middleware,
Sound Integration 2 ties all these practical skills together to obtain the skills needed to create a full audio feature set from scratch.

§ Course contents and learning material

Middleware in context of the game development pipeline:
- The use and configuration of Version Control
- It's place in the development pipeline
- Project structure in context of Middleware
- Knowledge of the Middleware's Runtime and API
- Utilizing and integrating this software in a Team

Specific areas of integration, and their needed skills:
- Unreal C++ development
- Porting Unreal Blueprint visual scripts to C++
- Integrating Wwise into an existing Unreal project
- Utilizing the Wwise-Unreal plugin's components
- Accessing and utilize the Wwise API through C++

Contrast the Unreal/Wwise workflow with a second case:
Integrating FMOD in an existing unity Project, comparing this workflow to the previous one.

§ Evaluation and assignments

- Proper use of Perforce
- Integration Audio sollutions in an Unreal Engine game through the use of Wwise
- Integrating
- Analyzing an existing native Unity implementation, and port it to an FMOD integration.

§ Learning goals and outcomes

Graduates of this course are able to explore a game project, either new or existing,
analyze it's content, and execute upon a full audio implementation, with respect to the other game development teams and tooling.
Effectively integrating all the skills needed to setup and finish a complete technical and artistic audio pipeline
for the development of any interactive digital application.

§ Tools

Perforce, Cockos Reaper, Visual Studio, Unreal, Unity, Wwise, FMOD

§ Teacher

Dries Vienne