Audio Theory

Introduction to Audio, Sonology and Acoustics in service of Video Games

In short:


Audio Theory is a first semester course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of various aspects of audio engineering, sound design, and acoustics. This 12-week course is designed to equip students with some theoretical and technical knowledge necessary to hone the skills, artistry and craft to make it in the gaming industry and other branches of the audio industry.


The course covers a range of topics, including acoustics, sonology, auditory perception, sound recording history, psycho-acoustics, sound processing, and some insights of the game industry audio pipeline. In ex cathedra theory classes, students will receive scientifically sound instruction of a +20y trained and experienced audio professional.

Overall, the Audio Theory course lays the foundations for students with a vivid interest in audio development and technical sound design. Also, it tackles some of the fundamental building blocks of audio engineering for live and studio applications. The more practical applications of the concepts covered in this course, are dealt with in the concurrently running course "Sound 1 (Digital Audio Workstation Fundamentals).


Course contents and learning material:

The course material for Audio Theory is provided via an online learning platform, which includes a comprehensive textbook covering all the topics addressed in the course. Required hardware is made available in class. The textbook serves as a valuable reference for students throughout the semester and provides a solid foundation for their future work in the audio aspects of the gaming industry.

Evaluation and assignments:

Evaluation for the course consists of two written theory exams (one during Q-week, one during the exam period), each of which counts towards half of the final grade. These exams are designed to assess students' understanding of the course material and their ability to apply the concepts and principles covered in class.

Learning goals and outcomes:

For students looking to gain a better understanding in the theoretical en technical aspects of sound, the "Audio Theory" course is a great starting point, for musicians, audio fanatics and gamers alike, as it provides a comprehensive overview of concepts relevant to audio engineering, sound design, and acoustics, and is an essential first step towards a successful career in the audio industry, with a distinct focus on the audio pipeline for games.



The main software for this course are Cockos Reaper, Audacity and Adobe Audition


This course is taught by program director and resident audio shaman dr. Alexander Deweppe