Sound Integration 1

Advanced Sound Design and Mixing for Linear Media

In Short:
Sound Integration 1 marks the culmination of the linear sound design and mixing curriculum, focusing on the integration of various sound elements in linear media productions. Students learn to design, edit and mix separate sound layers including ambience, music, sound effects, and dialogue,… weaving them together seamlessly to enhance storytelling. Through collaboration with third-year Animation and VFX projects, students provide professional sound design and mixing for the group projects, honing their skills in technical precision and creative expression.

Course contents and learning material:

Learning goals and outcomes:
By the conclusion of the course, students will possess the knowledge and proficiency to independently create professional sound designs and mixes for linear media. Key learning objectives include:
1.    Understanding of the separate sound layers in film and game production, including ambience, music, sound effects, and dialogue.
2.    Proficiency in selecting or designing individual sound elements to achieve desired emotional and narrative effects.
3.    Ability to collaborate effectively with third-year Animation and VFX projects, providing expert sound integration services for group productions.
4.    Mastery of technical specifications and standards for sound production in linear media, ensuring compatibility and quality across platforms.
5.    Skill in creative storytelling with sound to enhance narrative depth and audience engagement.


Evaluation and assignments:
Sound Integration 1 spans 12 weeks and includes theoretical instruction, practical exercises, collaboration with group projects and independent sound design projects. Evaluation for the course consists of  two intermediary assignments and one individual exam project with jury presentation to evaluate understanding and application of sound design concepts, ensuring proficiency both collaboratively and individually.


Students use Cockos Reaper software as their primary digital Sound workstation for sound design and mixing tasks. Additionally, they have access to the school's studio facilities for both mixing and Foley recording purposes, providing them with a professional environment to refine their craft and achieve high-quality results.

This course is taught by our resident sound magician Roel De Meulemeester