Music for Games

In Short:
Music for Games is a dynamic 12-week course designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to create immersive and interactive soundtracks for video games. Throughout the semester, students explore the art of implementing interactive music using industry-standard software like Wwise. By mastering various adaptive music techniques such as horizontal resequencing and vertical reorchestration, … students learn to craft dynamic music that responds to in-game events, enhancing player engagement and immersion.

Course Content and learning material:


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Learning goals and outcomes:
In Music for Games, students delve into the intricacies of interactive music production, learning to adapt and prepare music tracks using tools like Reaper. Through practical exercises and theoretical discussions, students explore concepts such as music theory, musical instruments, music history, and different genres and styles. With hands-on experience in MIDI composition and manipulation, students develop a deep understanding of the role of music in shaping the gaming experience.


Evaluation and assignments:
Assessment in Music for Games consists of three intermediary assignments and a comprehensive final exam. The exam consists of a combination of theory exam, practical test, and exam assignment with presentation.


Students use a variety of industry-standard tools and resources throughout the course, including Cockos Reaper, Wwise, Production Music Libraries  and various VST plugins and instruments. While a MIDI piano is recommended for optimal participation, it is not mandatory.


This course is taught by our resident sound magician Roel De Meulemeester