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Go on a national or international internship, the world is your playground!


DAE is a study programme for go-getters. We constantly push you to sharpen your skills and to evolve to higher levels with more deadlines, new technologies, complex projects and demanding evaluations.

We want to prepare you for a job in a top company and that starts with an internship in your final semester, right before you graduate.

Please find some examples of internship companies where our students have done internships below:

Animotions, Appstrakt, Aim Productions, Black Forest Games, Black Rock Studios, Boss Alien, Ciant, Codeglue, Creative Conspiracy, Cruden, Crytek, Cyborn, Daedalic Entertainment, DICE, EA, Endrone, Eurautomat, Ex-Dream, Fishing Cactus, FX Motion, Grid, Grin, Guerrilla Games, Hoaxland, Hooox, Jabbla, Kylotonn, Larian, Little Miss Robot, Medicim, Monkube, Neopica, Nitro Games, nWave Digital, Ossian Studios, Playlane, PostPanic, RealGames Europe, Ronimo Games, RTT AG, Serious Games Interactive, Spicy Horse, The Game Bakers, Triangle Factory, Two Tribes, Triumph Studios, Ubisoft, Vanguard Games, Visual Impact Productions, VRT, Walking the dog, Wooga…